Custom Nickname

 You could wait around for your lame friends to muster up some creativity and provide you with a sub-par nickname, or you can turn to the professionals. Get a kick-ass nickname that will inspire envy in others and validate your very being!  Custom Nickname provides each individual customer with a unique moniker he/she will be proud to be called for only $30. This custom nickname package includes:
  • An official certificate with your custom nickname to place on your mantel or in your cubicle.
  • A short, detailed letter explaining how your custom nickname was chosen.
  • A “Hello, My Name Is…” sticker with your custom nickname on it to wear proudly and to help it catch on with others.
  • The validation and sense of self-worth that only the perfect nickname can bring.
  • Shipping anywhere in the United States.

In addition to their unbounded creativity, the staff of Custom Nickname utilizes literary and pop culture references, hip hop lingo, encyclopedic knowledge of rare plants and animals, American Indian lore, copious amounts of alcohol and the occasional outside consultant to come up with totally awesome nicknames. When stumped, they break out their Ouija Board and consult the spirits that reside on the ethereal plane.

Expect the unexpected. Prepare for surprise. Brace yourself for a nickname that exceeds your expectations, validates your very being, reinforces your sense of self-worth and inspires envy in your peers. The nickname they choose for you will always be perfect, incredible and timeless. This nickname is one-of-a-kind—Custom Nickname never reuses a nickname because there’s only one you.

One thought on “Custom Nickname

  1. These guys are for real – I took the plunge and ordered a custom nickname for my friend’s 30th birthday – it was perfect! In fact, I had no idea how perfect it was until I announced it at the party. I was worried that nobody would take it seriously, but the nickname so accurately depicted the birthday boy that everybody latched on and we had a good laugh for hours. And more importantly, the name stuck! So a big thanks to the gang at custom nickname – you clearly took the time to personalize the name and make it something really special! Cheers!

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